Youth clubs in Årdal

Kjedlar'n ogTirsdagsklubben/The Celler and Tuesday club.


Ein stad å lære
Å ha noko å gjera
Ein stad å vere

A place to learn
to have something to do
a place to be.

Leisure activities:

There is a youth club in Øvre Årdal: Kjedlar'n - located in the celler at the Kulturhuset- The entrance is off Farnesvegen. (at the backside of the kulturhuset).

On Årdalstangen the youth club is on the move, more information later.

The youth clubs have table tennis, a pool table and their own kitchen areas where you can make food.

Opening times:

Kjedlar'n - Opning hours
Day Time
Every wednesday 18:00 - 21:00
The last friday of the month 19:00 - 22:00

The clubs follow school term, half term and public holidays when it comes to opening hours.

You gain free entry with the year membership clubcard, it costs 100,- kr. 
If you are not a member, it costs 10,- kr each time you visit.

There is a preplanned activity plan with different activities.

You can play a variety of games on the computers at Kjedlar'n.
It's free to use the computers as well as all the other activities.


The club leader has responsibility for the regular club operations at Tirsdagsklubben, which is service for adults and youths with a mental disabilities. Tirsdagsklubben has members from Årdal, Lærdal and even Aurland.

Tysdagsklubben - opningstid
Dag Tid
Tysdag 18:00 - 20:00

Members card costs 100,- kr
One time entry costs 10,- kr 

We follow the school term (half term and public holidays) when it comes to opening hours.